If maintained correctly, carpet cleaning north shore can improve the indoor air. Carpets offer much more than just a pretty soft floor. Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home, and it filters out allergens.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Michael B. Berry, Ph.D. is the former director of EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office. Berry states in his book “Protecting the Built Environment: Carpet Cleaning for Health” that the dirtiest carpets are the biggest problem with indoor cleaning. Proper care and maintenance can fix this. He said that the carpet is similar to a sink, which collects pollutants from both inside and outside. The carpet collects dirt, dust and contaminants when it fills up (sink becomes polluted). Empty the sink as soon as it is full. It is important to clean your carpets properly.

Indoor air pollution is a real problem. Well, it’s true. The air inside becomes trapped. Air is rarely replaced completely. The air is blown away and replaced by new air. Carpets can hold pollutants which are then released into the air. When you walk on your carpet, it becomes a dump for pollutants. When they are walked on, the dust particles spread and get inhaled by everyone. It’s not hard to spot dust particles fluttering in the air or in sunlight. The fact that we breathe the air constantly is what causes indoor air pollution.

Berry says that if carpets aren’t cleaned regularly, they can produce biopollutants. Regularly clean the sinks, and make sure you’ve cleaned your carpets. The carpets get cleaned when they look dirty. By the time you notice dirt on your carpet, it is probably filthy. Vacuuming properly is important. The most expensive vacuums can only remove 15% of the actual soil. The rest of the dirt, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants will accumulate. Berry claims that people do not clean carpets often enough to maintain cleaner air.

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